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Cover Reveal Blitz: Shine (Mageri #5) by Dannika Dark

I'm so thrilled to be participating in the cover reveal for Shine by Dannika Dark! Shine is the 5th and final book in the Mageri Series and if you're like me, then you're also itching to read it! But since it hasn't come out just yet, we'll all just have to collectively drool over the magnificent cover in the meantime! 
Feast your eyes on the beautiful cover below, and read on to find out more about the author and the release date for Shine!

Shine (Mageri Series, Bk #5)
By Dannika Dark


In the short span of a year, Silver has gone from becoming a Mage to discovering the truth about her unique genetics. Logan Cross went from her mortal enemy to her immortal lover, but a threat is fast approaching like an inevitable storm. Attacks are underway against the Mageri and one man is behind it—an elusive foe who is an unstoppable force. Nero is not Silver’s only concern as someone close to her is arrested for treason. In the midst of chaos, Silver discovers she cannot protect everyone from the wrath of fate, including her own Ghuardian.

Justus finally opens his heart, but an unexpected turn of events could darken his soul forever. Secrets are revealed that will leave you reeling from one twist after the next. Would you sacrifice everything for love?

Destiny has set sail and once she alters her course, no one’s life will ever be the same in this explosive conclusion to the Mageri Series.

Release Date:

December 20, 2013

About the Author

This is the segment where you learn a little more about who I am, so here's what I can tell you:  I drink copious amounts of vitamin water placed precariously close to my laptop while writing. These are two healthy habits I have no intention of breaking. I'm a transplant living in the south, but I was born in the 70's to a military dad who moved us around the world.

When I'm not writing (which is all the time), I'm hunting down Indie music, watching movies, reading, eating Tex-Mex, discovering new ways to humiliate myself bowling, and burning up my laptop battery on the Internet. I have a relaxed, easy-going personality and don't like drama. I live with a cat who thinks she is a dog, or a goat (she eats plastic, so I'm not sure which).

Throughout my life, I've had insomnia. Counting sheep never worked and eventually I would imagine those sheep were the sole source of food after an apocalyptic battle where only thousands survived. I made up stories in a futile attempt to bore myself to sleep. The problem was, I got so wrapped up in my "head stories" that I would continue them through the following nights, changing it up each time to make it more exciting. Eventually, I started writing my ideas down - creating short stories, and then I discovered my love for poetry.

It's almost embarrassing how many spiral notebooks and stacks of paper I have of poetry and lyrics.

Another passion: digital art. I design all my book covers, marketing, and series art. I'm a very visual person and pursued photography as an avid hobby for many years.

I am not a YA author (I feel like I have to state this only because I've had a few people ask), but I think it's wonderful there are so many books available to teens in Urban Fantasy and Paranormal.

I am finally doing what I have always wanted to do: giving my characters a pulse through writing full time. I focus on adult urban fantasy romance, but I don't like labels and I enjoy blending genres to break out of the confines of predictability.

But it's what I love to do.


You can stalk, I mean find Dannika here: 


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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review: The Unseen by J.L. Bryan

Published: October 31, 2013
Format: eBook
My rating: 5/5 stars
Synopsis from Goodreads:
Cassidy is a young tattoo artist living in the Little Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta. She’s always suffered terrible nightmares, and sometimes the hideous creatures seem to follow her out of her dreams and into her waking life, though she’s the only one who can see them. Drugs and alcohol can blot them out, but never entirely chase them away.

When a demonic cult begins to take control of the people in her life, including her younger brother, Cassidy discovers that the unseen world of monsters is very real. She can no longer avoid it. To protect those she loves, she must accept her own hidden supernatural talents and face the forces of evil before the sinister cult achieves its twisted goals and casts the world into darkness.
The Unseen is an utterly titillating story that is impossible to forget. J.L. Bryan continues to impress me with his ability to completely shock and alarm me! This is a book that should definitely be read by those who like to experience the darkest elements of the supernatural.
JL has produced a plot enriched with the creepiest, freakiest, and most appalling entities you will ever come across: Demons. I'll admit that something about demons really scares the pants off of me, but they aren't the only things in this book to be weary of. There's also Ouija boards, astral projection, possession, cults, and terrifying transparent energy-devouring creatures that will make your skin crawl. I must say, I really quite enjoyed the graphic imagery used to describe the heinous demons and odd creatures featured throughout this novel--even if I did have a rather disturbing dream involving one of the huge spider monstrosities that feeds on the living. Well done, JL! These creatures jumped off the pages of the book and burrowed into my subconscious! I'm impressed, and also a little freaked out! Yeesh..
The heroine of this book is a young woman named Cassidy, and what I really appreciate about her is that she's not your typical do-gooder protagonist. This chick has serious issues. She had a very traumatizing experience as a teen and she is the only one who can see into the Unseen world. She self-medicates in order to shield herself from being able to see the variety of transparent creatures that feed off the living. A frightening series of events finally forces Cassidy to snap out of her reverie and face what is going on around her, because her life and the lives of her friends and family are in jeopardy.
There are a lot of interesting facts to learn in this novel that are very pertinent to the story, and I just kept on being amazed by all of them. I sincerely applaud JL for his originality and the unique layers that are peeled back with each passing chapter to reveal this intricate story . One of my favorite parts of the book was learning the truth about Cassidy's heritage and everything she's capable of--I truly didn't see any of that coming!
Like I said before, this entire book is filled with ongoing creepiness, which mostly involves demons. Be prepared to be thoroughly disgusted and mortified, because JL paints these demons in an even more perverse light than I could have ever imagined. There's one scene in particular that disturbed me and caused me to actually cringe, yet it somehow also made me simultaneously--and somewhat shamefully--intrigued...Overall I loved every minute of this book, especially the explosive ending. The main message of this review is this: Go read this book, and prepare to be mystified!
*Special thanks to J.L. Bryan for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.


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