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Review: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Published: 9-27-2011
Format: Hardcover, 452 pages
Genre: YA Paranormal Fiction
Series: Mara Dyer
My rating: 5/5 stars

Synopsis from goodreads:

Mara Dyer doesn't think life can get any stranger than waking up in a hospital with no memory of how she got there.
It can.
She believes there must be more to the accident she can't remember that killed her friends and left her mysteriously unharmed.
There is.
She doesn't believe that after everything she's been through, she can fall in love.
She's wrong.
This book is just so many wonderful things all at once. Michelle Hodkin weaves a very intricate and suspenseful plot that is incredibly impressive and fresh. The entire story is a mesmerizing and mind-blowing experience, and it's impossible not to experience an onslaught of emotions while reading this book. There is a hearty dose of mystery, intrigue, adventure, copious amounts of humor and snark, and emotional depth that will be sure to keep any reader satisfied. I loved everything about this book, seriously, and I just cannot say enough good things about it.

Mara is such a complex character, and it was so easy to fall into her world and experience things right along with her. The book basically starts off with her waking up from a coma and having no memory of where or what she was doing before that, but it's clear that she's had an accident. After Mara wakes up and is able to leave the hospital, she can't shake the bad feeling that she has, and then really strange things start happening to her. These things continue and intensify after her family moves to a different state for a fresh start. She is surrounded by mystery and unanswered questions, and she's not sure what's real anymore (and neither is the reader!). I won't go into detail about too much, because there's just no way to discuss everything I want to address without ruining the story for those who haven't read this book yet, but I will say that the unusual things that happen to Mara seriously messed with my mind. I honestly had no idea what the heck was happening, and I had no inkling as to what the big "reveal" in the book would be; but it was shocking, and there was more than one!

As Mara tries to move on with her life after her accident, she is thrust into a new school and encounters some interesting people. Noah, the sexy boy with an English accent, becomes a delightful and integral part of Mara's life. He is just....SO VERY SEXY. I mean, really, this dude is the complete package. He's infuriating, hot, smart, chivalrous, mysterious and understanding. I really liked how Mara didn't instantly fall at his feet, though. She stood her ground and called him out for being arrogant and jerk-like at times. But when they get to know each other better and their attraction grows stronger, things get steamy and intense, and we find out that Noah has his fair share of mystery as well. There is so much more to these characters than meets the eye. Noah's connection to Mara is still confusing and alarming, but no matter what, I'll never get enough of these two, and I can't wait to discover more about them!

Also, I really hope we get to see a lot more of Jamie, Mara's new friend, because he provides many laughs and he's super awesome. Daniel, Mara's older brother, was fantastic as well. He's a great support system for Mara, and he's a great guy. Mara's entire family is pretty great, actually. I'm interested to see how certain things will play out with them.

One of the things I loved about this book was that the reader is kept so far in the dark for a while, but then as soon as one thing is revealed, it's like a dam of information has been broken, and the whole tone of the book kind of changes. Even after discovering everything that is revealed, there is still so much more to learn. Seeing how certain people and things are connected will be quite interesting and I'm extremely curious to see how everything comes together and is connected, because the ending is just so mind-boggling and gasp-inducing!

I highly recommend this book, and believe me when I say that you will not be disappointed. There's just no way to know how amazing it is until you read it! 


  1. This sounds fantastic, really interesting! Thank you for the insightful review, I'll be sure to check this one out soon. New follower!

  2. As always, excellent review! Now that you have read it, we can wait impatiently for the second book, together :0)

  3. *sigh* Yet another review that makes me wish I bought this book when I had the extra cash. Hopefully Santa will bring it this year ;)

    Great review!


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