Monday, October 31, 2011

Best of the Bunch: October 2011

"Best of the Bunch" is a meme hosted every month by Lyrical Reviews. It spotlights our absolute favorite book we read this month. My Best of the Bunch pick for October is:

Awake at Dawn (Shadow Falls #2) by C.C. Hunter

Now that she’s settled in at Shadow Falls Camp, Kylie Galen’s determined to discover the extent of her supernatural abilities.  But with a ghost insisting someone Kylie loves is about die, a rogue vampire on a murdering rampage, and her sixth sense telling her someone is watching her, Kylie’s quest for answers is quickly put on hold. 

To make matters worse, just when she’s about to give her heart to Derek, a half-fairy, he starts pulling away.  When Lucas, a werewolf with whom Kylie shares a secret past, returns, Kylie’s feels more conflicted than ever. Her weekend with her mom should have been just the break Kylie needs, but it turns out to be her breaking point.  Someone from the dark side of the supernatural world has plans for Kylie--and it'll take all her resources to get back to Shadow Falls alive...

Pretty much every book I read this month has been radtastic, and if I could list all of them as my Best of the Bunch then I would. But since there can only be one, I definitely pick Awake at Dawn. This series has been one that I've consistently LOVED. This book is the second book in the Shadow Falls series, the first book is Born at Midnight. If you haven't started this series yet, I highly recommend that you do--especially if you fancy shapeshifters, werewolves, vampires, fairies and witches. This book has a little something for everyone! There's also a fair amount of romance/sexual tension and humor. Plus, several of the characters are extremely awesome, especially Kylie! My spoiler-free review of this book can be found HERE. =)

Which book received your Best of the Bunch award?


  1. This sounds great, and the cover is gorgeous (which of course is very important!). Thanks for taking part in Best of the Bunch!

  2. I'll be reading this one soon! Thanks a billion and great choice :0)

  3. Adding this one to my list! Great blog, btw!

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