Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wisdom (My Blood Approves, #4) By Amanda Hocking

"For her eighteenth birthday, Alice Bonham takes a vacation to Australia only to have her trip cut short by an unexpected murder.

While Alice tries to understand what happened, she regrets some of the choices she's made, especially the more permanent ones.

On top of that, the child vampire is running loose, and its attracting some very unwanted attention..."

This series has been added to my top 10 favorites without a doubt. This 4th book proved to be the most exciting, gripping, action-packed, unpredictable, intense and emotional of all the books in the series so far. The pace of this book was great and there didn't seem to be any boring moments or down time. In addition to Alice, I just loved all of the other main characters. They are all amusing and likable in their own way. This book had me focused, laughing, shouting, and almost crying at times. Way to mess with my emotions, Amanda Hocking (but I totally loved it, so thanks!).

The beginning of the book takes us to Australia, where Alice, her brother Milo and his boyfriend go to visit Mae, Peter and Daisy. They aren't there long before something happens back in the states that devastates Alice. After she arrives back at home, she's basically just going through the motions and trying to deal with things with the help of Jack and the rest of her family. Throughout the book she struggles with herself feeling very lost. She realizes she has forever to make something of her life, but that proves to be very intimidating and she feels slightly worthless. She's basically just trying to come to terms with herself along the way and she's feeling the weight/reality of what her life has become.

The characters of Bobby, Leif and Peter have bigger parts in this book, and I was so glad for that. Bobby's character, who is Milo's boyfriend and Alice's sidekick/friend, had me laughing like a lunatic with some of the things he said. I could totally see myself hanging out with someone like him. I just have to throw out one of my favorite quotes by him: "Oh my God! That dude is supposed to be a vampire hunter, and he's wearing a fricking Swatch! There is no way these guys are for real!". -That line had me re-reading and laughing my rear off. I don't want to give anything away, so I will just stick to saying that I loved Leif's role in this book, as well as everything that we discover about his character. I hope we see much more of him in the final book. As for Peter, he is much more open and present in this book. I like the way that he interacts with Alice.

Getting back to Alice now, I would like to say that I was excited to learn the whole "deal" with her. Since the beginning it has been known that she has a certain "draw" to her (so does Milo for that matter) and it was interesting to get down to the bottom of that. It was well put together and made sense. I feel that the author does a great job at explaining things and keeping her ideas clear.

This book has a decent amount of fighting, death and blood in it. I found it fitting and quite liked it. Alice was extremely badass throughout the entire book, especially towards the end, and I loved that about her. I don't like it when the main female character is a helpless pansy. The last parts of the book are very intense and emotional. I was completely freaking out! But all in all, I was completely satisfied with everything that transpired at the end. I'm sad that I have to wait until January for the final book in this series, but it pleases me to know that there will be more to Alice's story to discover. =)


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