Sunday, August 7, 2011

Taking The Plunge

So I've decided to finally start reading The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. I'm not sure why I've resisted reading it for so long, I guess I've had slight doubts about it being my cup of tea. But pretty much every review I've read on it has been extremely positive so I've decided to just stop procrastinating and read it already! Besides, the series came highly recommended by my best friend and she's never steered me in the wrong book direction before. =)

On another note, I have officially coined myself  "The Plant Reaper". Yes, I realize this is a completely random thing to throw into this posting but oh-freaking-well. I'm just completely irritated by this fact. My parents got me these really pretty plants and the damn things have been struggling for a while. I've tried to water them diligently but I think it's just too damn hot over here on beachside. Plus, I don't care for plants that are going to be so freaking high maintenance in the first place. Even though these particular kinds are not supposed to be. I just think plants reject me, end of story. Even my cactus is struggling, and it's a CACTUS. I mean, good lord, those are supposed to be the easiest plants to take care of, right?! =(

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