Monday, July 25, 2011

Review of The Trylle Trilogy! =)

So I have officially finished reading Switched, Torn, & Ascend, the "Trylle Trilogy" By Amanda Hocking. I wanted to finish the last one before I gave a review on any of them. My review may not come off as articulate and clear as I want it too, but I shall do my best to give this unique series the praise it deserves. I would also like to say that as a rule, I prefer to try and keep my reviews as spoiler-free as I can manage. My objective is not to give anything major away, just to vaguely provide proof as to why I feel a book is worthy of attention.

Basically, the first book starts of with Wendy, a 17 year old girl who never felt like she fit in. This feeling is solidified by the fact that she has the power of persuasion, which allows her to persuade people to do things with her mind. She lives with her aunt and brother who serve as her parents. She meets a guy named Finn, who sort of freaks her out yet intrigues her with his blatant intensity. Pretty much, he wastes no time in telling her that she's "Trylle", which is basically a race of trolls. In this series, trolls pretty much look like regular human people, but some of them have special abilities. Whether it be controlling the elements, healing powers, telekinesis, and so on. There is some excitement involving some ass-kicking that leads to Finn taking Wendy to one of the Trylle communities for protection, where she is introduced to her real mother, Elora. Elora just so happens to be the Queen of this place, Forening, and Wendy finds out that she is a Princess. Wendy learns the truth about several things (but is also kept in the dark about several things) and is to be trained so she can be a proper Princess. Did I mention that Finn is sort of considered low on the community totem pole, therefore rendering their budding romance forbidden?

In the second book, Torn, Wendy is kidnapped by the "Vittra". The Vittra are a rival race of trolls who want Wendy to rule their Kingdom as well. For the brief time she is kidnapped, she meets her father (the villan, pretty much) and develops a new love interest, Loki (here we go with the love triangles!). This book focuses on her accepting her destiny as Queen and trying to do the right thing for her people. She is still very torn (hence the title of the book), and would prefer to revert back to her human life, but she discovers many things that make it very clear that this is not an option for her. She starts training with Tove (one of my favorite characters in this series, who is also another powerful young troll) to harness and strengthen her powers. It turns out that Wendy is pretty much the most powerful Tryll around, since she is the offspring of two extremely powerful trolls to begin with. On top of everything heavy she's dealing with, including her sick mother, Wendy finds herself caught between guys. She wishes she could be with Finn, Loki is hanging around and she's finding herself drawn to him, and she learns that she has responsibilites to uphold regarding Tove.

Ascend - The title pretty much says it all. In this book, Wendy is getting closer and closer to the throne. I read this book in a day and found it to be even more suspenseful and amazing than the first two books! It's hard to say that about other series, but I have no problem saying that about this one. Wendy faces everything you could possibly imagine, it seems like, in this book. Love, loss, disappointment, realization, pressure, guilt, responsibility- you name it, she feels it! The biggest conflict in this book is how to take down her father, King of the Vittra, who is a evil tyrant basically. With the help of her friends and loved ones, she has to figure out what's best for her kingdom, even if it means sacrificing herself. I absolutely loved her growth throughout this book, and I loved that her and her mother were able to open up and be close. Wendy made some mistakes, but ultimately she was unselfish about the things that mattered the most. I believe the ending to this book was one of the best and most satisfying I've ever read. I was surprised, yet pleased with the man she ended up with in the end. Overall, I don't have really anything about these books to complain about.

So here it is, my review! I give this trilogy a five-star rating for sure! If you like adventure, romance, and even some fighting, I would definitely recommend this book. Especially since it's about trolls! I mean come on, people! That right there is reason enough. =)


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